Inspiring, encouraging and supporting families in living a full life, rooted in joy and gratitude

Modern Farmhouse Designs is about designing and living a life that withstands the challenges of today's busy-ness while also cherishing the simple joys that fill our days. 

Do you want to find the right blend for you? Where you can find time to enjoy simple pleasures, like sitting on your porch while also being at peace with your laundry?

Modern Farmhouse Designs is here for you; to inspire, encourage and support a full life, rooted in joy and gratitude.

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I am glad you are here! I am Kristina, a multi passionate creative, mother, book worm and while still learning to say it with confidence, an artist!  Organizing is how I de-stress, I am a pen enthusiast and I can barely pass a tree without thinking about drawing it. I create pieces that bring joy to your day, resources to experience more organization and encouragement to create a full life.

I am on a mission to help families and individuals feel they are experiencing a full life, not struggling through a busy life.

"Joy comes to us in the ordinary moments.
We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary."

-Brene Brown

Gratitude Changes Everything. 

Create the Life You Were Made For.

-maria & francesco